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Out-door/ In-door Catering

Buffets and Outdoors

A buffet is the most popular manner of serving food at parties and is suitable for all occasions, be it marriage, formal dinners, private gatherings, and so on. While arranging buffets, we place particular emphasis on allowing for comfortable space for the movement of guests in the dining area.

In accordance with the area available, which may be large or just enough, experts at Spontaneous design the layout of the buffet with elegant frilling and select tableware suiting the occasion. The layout of the buffet contributes in no small measure to the dignity and grandeur of an event. The latest designs of table-top counters are also available.


For gatherings of 1,000 guests or more, side stations are set up to facilitate smooth movement and prompt service.

Sit-Down Buffet
For formal occasions, sit-down buffets are most appropriate. These are a specialty of Spontaneous. In this type of arrangement, after the first helping by the guests, stewards move in to provide subsequent helpings to the seated guests. A sit-down buffet can also be arranged at a candle-light dinner party whose mood and ambiance will stay with the guests for a long time to come

Whatever the number, buffets by Spontaneous guarantee a smooth operation in which every guest arrives at an aesthetically laid-out buffet with ample food served at the most desirable temperature throughout.  

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