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Wedding Catering & More

SPONTANEOUS provides you with the entire range of services that you may require for arranging a perfect marriage celebration. Beginning from the meals at the ‘Mehendi’ to the elaborate spread on the day of the marriage. Leave all the planning and running around to us, and just enjoy the memorable occasion in your family with your family and friends.

We will look after all your needs for: 


Quality Food & Service:


Any Cuisine …you name it … from any corner of the world ..that will be served in the best style.

Style of service

  • Sit-Down Buffet, with table service

  • Buffet

Special Live Counters:

  • Chaat , Mughlai , BBQ , etc.

  • Thai, Italian, Mexican, Japanese , Chinese, etc., etc.

  • Molecular  & Customized Bar (service only )

Professional personalized service from SPONTANEOUS will ensure that all the guests are properly attended to, and there will be an adequate number of Live Counters and Buffet Counters for a smooth service to all.

Entertainment – Music & Dance:

We will arrange for you the artists/music/dancers of your choice so that the desired color is added to the celebrations.

We also offer our coordination to arrange your other miscellaneous requirements for marriage.

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