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Health Food 

Health food is our outstanding specialty. We prepare this special food for the people who are affected with some health problems such as diabetes, cardiac disturbances, hypertension, etc. and are advised to take fat-free food. The foremost important point here is to remember that these people requiring a special diet are neither sick nor incapacitated but are extremely alert, agile, and thoroughbred professionals in their respective fields and should not be served absolutely bland diet. At the same time, we have to take extreme care in adhering to the restrictive bonds of their diet while ensuring a normal intake of calories.

Thus this food is not merely boiled but good to taste, and, at the same time, prepared in such a way so as to retain its nutritional value.

We possess sufficient expertise not only in cooking in cafeterias but also in designing and setting up of kitchen as per the unique requirements of each cafeteria.

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