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Bulk Take-Away


A Novel concept from Spontaneous – BULK TAKE-AWAY – has been set up for the first time in the country. Under this facility, food for 5 to 5,000 persons can be ordered at a short notice and the prepared items can be collected from our kitchen or can be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Since we have adequate staff and infrastructure, its timely preparation and delivery are assured.

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Our Kitchen is divided into sections viz. Cold Section, Indian Cooking, Bar-be-cue/Tandoor/Roti Section, Food Packing/Food Storage, Washing Area, and Stores – which is further divided into Vegetable Store, Grocery Store, and Crockery Store.

These sections enable the preparation of various cuisines simultaneously, to carry out the operations smoothly and efficiently, and right on schedule. Utmost care is taken to maintain hygiene at our cooking facility: thus we have installed, for example, commercial water purifiers and insectecutors. In addition, proper ventilation and light are provided and care is taken to carry out non-poisonous pest control at regular intervals.

This is most useful to those units who require food in large quantities but wish to avoid additional expenses on crockery and service since, either they are having their own pantry or have their own arrangements for cutlery, crockery, and service. When they avail of this facility of Bulk Takeaways from Spontaneous, they save themselves the cost of hiring cutlery, crockery, waiters, and breakage.

This arrangement is also equally beneficial to a cross-section of customers, particularly to those who do not require bulk food round the year, but only on occasions or for a limited period of time. Since this facility saves substantially on the normal cost of service and production, this scheme owing due to its cost-effectiveness, combined with assured promptness and quality has proved to be very attractive to caterers, institutions, industrial caterers, restaurants, and domestic users alike. Food can be delivered to the consumer hygienically packed in containers of various shapes and sizes. This way a 6-course quality menu can be safely, properly, and comfortably obtained on order with the considerable economy. We can also provide a single item like dal, vegetable, or rice in bulk quantities if so desired.

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