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Goldline Crockery & Cutlery

Spontaneous was the first in the country to introduce Goldline crockery and goldplated cutlery in outdoor catering with silver service.

Nothing can compare with the distinctive exclusivity of an event where food is served in Goldline crockery and goldplated cutlery. Spontaneous served heads of multinational, national leaders, industrialists, and diplomats in this manner of service.

In addition to the Goldline full-plates of finest bone-china, guests are served mouth-watering dishes in similar gold-line quarter plates and bowls. The sheer impact of goldplated cutlery is to be seen to be believed.

Food is arranged in fine bone-china Goldline serving dishes to add glitter and enhance the prestige of the event. Matching gold line glasses for serving cold drinks and cups & saucers for tea/ coffee, with matching spoons complement this exclusive repertoire.

It goes to the credit of Spontaneous that this exclusive crockery/ cutlery has been made available at outdoor parties and events. It goes without saying, that since then this has been the first choice of all those hosting VVIPSs, whether at conferences, exclusive parties, official receptions, or anniversary dinners.



When the occasion demands Food and Services to be distinctive, without the higher cost of Goldline crockery or crystalware repertoire, then the natural choice revolves around EPNS silverware and its variants. Crafted silverware has its touch of class and sophistication. In fact, when handled with artful manipulation, this can lend an air of magnificence to the whole ambience.

Over the years, Spontaneous has specialized in Silverware Service at exclusive dinners where national and international dignitaries are served.

Crystal and Glassware

Service of the New Millennium. Indeed, it is Service with a difference, meant for the exclusive clientele. Needless to mention, Spontaneous can provide immense variety in both these Specialized Services.

Service with Gold-lined crockery and gold-plated cutlery is universally viewed as Service of the highest class. Indeed, it is a class apart. Over the years it has also acquired a touch of royal splendour. No wonder then that this distinctive Service is equally appreciated by the royalty and the highest echelon of society.

Yet, at the same time, we can still add a touch of elegance and make the Service more exquisite. It is Service with Crystalware and Glassware. A glittering array of plates, bowls and glasses, fashioned out of quality crystal, present a captivating sight of a breathtaking display. It is the Classiest.


Mughlai fare is amongst the most popular cuisine currently. Whether it is the mouthwatering vegetarian dishes or the non-vegetarian Kormas, Biryanis, Kathi Kababs – any Mughlai dish has a great following among connoisseurs of good food, and is a must on every occasion.

Spontaneous has a great variety of Mughlai food in its repertoire. The aroma of Mutton Biryani cooked over coals, with select whole spices and sprinkled with dry fruits and saffron is irresistible, but if served in Copper Handi kept over a smouldering Copper Angithi, it transports the subject into an altogether different Mughlai realm.

At Spontaneous these aspects are specially taken care of. To go aesthetically with the Mughlai food, we have attractive Copper Handis, Kadhais with matching charcoal Angithi stands, Chafing dishes and serving spoons, etc.

The ambience of a party can also be greatly enhanced, for example, by snacks served in carved copper snack-warmers with the silver serving dish, which gives the occasion a Royal Touch.



When we have to balance the demands of elegance with the economic imperatives, Steel Service is a natural choice and is a very popular choice nowadays. The use of crafted cutlery and chafing dishes moulded out of superior steel also create an impressive air of elegance and class, albeit without the glitter of gold or the twinkle of silver.

In any case, with the Personalised Services of the Spontaneous, no one will know the difference.

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